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Best Paint Colors For Boosting Productivity In The Office

On January 31, 2022

When choosing colors for our home, we have a general idea of what we want to see. We pick the colors that fit and look the best to us. However, choosing paint colors for an office is entirely different.

Just because a color ‘looks good’ does not mean it will work for your office. Even worse, a color that ‘fits everything’ may be dull and negatively influence the workplace. Many people are unaware of the profound effect choosing the right color has on the workplace.

Color’s effect on the human mind is more significant than most know. Specifically, different colors, saturations, and hues can affect thinking and emotions. Psychologist Angela Wright studied the effect of colors on the mind and found that each color influences an individual differently.

So, how does this affect your decision to choose a color? To start, you must consider your type of business and which color best fits the goal you desire.

What Are the Best Colors For Boosting Productivity?

Each color affects the mind differently, with different shades having even more variables. With this in mind, look at the basic color scheme for your type of business, then Advanced Painting Service will help you finalize your decision.


Blue is a color that stimulates the mind, boosting general productivity. The hues of blue aid in keeping the mind focused, perfect for repetitive industries such as accounting. However, blue can aid just about any office in boosting general productivity.

Aside from focus, blue can calm the mind. Ironically, by stimulating the mind, blue relaxes the individual. In doing this, the individual is alert but more at ease and can complete detail-oriented tasks more efficiently.


Red evokes a sense of urgency, stimulating energy levels. In retail industries, red is a popular choice. If your workplace has employees on their feet regularly, red could be a good choice.

While red does stimulate energy, it can have adverse effects. If overdone, too much red can cause employees to feel anxiety. For example, red is the color of most ‘sale’ tags, which evokes urgency. When too much red stimulates the mind, it can overwhelm the individual.


Yellow is the color of creativity and can brighten spirits in the workplace. Yellow is typically used in creative industries, as it arouses the mind to think of positivity.

Advertising or graphic design companies can benefit tremendously from yellow. Namely, it will keep employees thinking innovatively and performing creatively. However, yellow is an intense color by itself. Lighter shaded yellows or a variety of shades will ensure no distractions.


We all know what the color of money is. Green is a color that provides calmness and reassurance. For industries with intense work life, green can help balance employee stress.

The addition of green to a workplace can reduce employee unhappiness and stress. As a color that is easy on the eyes, it is perfect for workplaces with extended hours.


There is a reason many offices have plain colors. Neutral colors, such as off-white, are not visually offensive or significantly influential.

These light shades can give a room a reflection of natural sunlight. In addition, neutral colors can be very relaxing. As such, neutrals are used frequently in waiting rooms or client access rooms.

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