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Choosing Exterior Paint Color

Choosing the right exterior paint color for your home or business can be daunting simply because of color permanence, however with a few simple guidelines and tips, choosing your exterior color will be made an easy decision; whether it be trim, shutters, or wood paneling the most important things to keep in mind is the surrounding environment, paint color scheming, and how it reflects your overall vicinity.

The surrounding environment of the home or business is crucial to choosing the right paint color for your exterior. It is important to take note to the things that encompass where you wish to paint. For example, in a neighborhood, take a glance at your neighbor’s homes and the color schemes of their exterior; using that as a guideline to your exterior paint color scheme. Not only will choosing a color scheme similar to that of the surrounding buildings create a sense of unity, but it will also be very appealing to the eye. Also using the unchangeable aspects of your home or business such as the hues in the roofing, or the specks of color in the bricks, can be used to create a color scheme that provides unification.

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Color scheming your home or business is a huge part in making the exterior look pleasing to the eye as well as a reflection of your general vicinity. It’s vital to take into consideration of the impression you would like to make; whether you want to stick with the current color scheme trends, or stick with traditional schemes, the combinations are endless.

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Accent paint colors are a great way to grab attention of any onlooker to a particular part of your home or business; they give that pop against the other exterior paint colors in the scheme and pull the attention right where you want it to be.

Using simple illusion tricks, you can both make your house appear larger or smaller. You want your home to appear larger? Choosing colors lighter on the spectrum will expand the appearance, whereas darker colors will make it appear smaller. The lighter or darker the exterior paint color virtually dictates the size appearance of your home or business.
Lastly, most paint manufactures such as Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore have apps and tools that allow you to upload an image of the exterior of your home or business to visualize what certain exterior paint colors would look like without physically testing it. If you are unsure of what you want or are looking for, these tools can help find the right exterior paint colors for you.


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