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Commercial Painting Mistakes to Avoid

On June 23, 2019

The secret to a perfect paint job is hiring a professional commercial painting firm. If you insist on completing the work on your own, be sure to avoid these eight mistakes for a long-lasting, beautiful paint job.

  1. Skipping prep work.
    Professional painters spend a lot of time prepping the area before commercial painting gets started. Take the time to:

    • Clean the walls
    • Scrape off any peeling paint
    • Apply painter’s tape
    • Lightly sand and wipe clean glossy surfaces
    • Patch up any cracks holes and allow it to dry completely before painting
  2. Not protecting the rest of the building.
    This could be considered part of your prep work too. Move furniture, cover the floor, and remove electrical plates from the wall. Keep your workspace clean and covered.
  1. Buying cheap brushes and rollers.
    Quality comes at a price, but it also can make a world of difference in your paint job. Store paint covered brushes or rollers wrapped in a bag in a refrigerator between painting sessions and clean the brushes after use to increase their longevity.
  2. Using self-priming paint on previously unpainted walls or over high-gloss finishes.
    If your walls have a non-gloss finish, were painted before, and are in good shape, a paint and primer in one will likely suffice. However, when covering a porous surface like drywall, wood, or concrete go for the stand-alone primer. You’ll be much happier with the results.
  3. Painting without a plan.
    Cover the wall with paint from the top down. Starting by the ceiling allows you to catch any drips as you move lower down the wall.
  1. Rushing between coats.
    Allow the paint to cure fully between each layer. Humidity levels and temperature can both impact dry time. Read the label on your paint can for suggested drying time, but if you want to be safe, give it 24 hours.
  2. Dunking the brush too deep in the paint.
    Only dip your paintbrush a third of the way into the paint. If you plunge it too far, you’ll end up wasting paint and have trouble thoroughly cleaning the brush.
  3. Choosing the wrong color.
    Don’t rely on a color swatch in the form of a card. Instead, get a sample you can test on a wall to confirm it’s really what you want before beginning your commercial painting project.

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