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Cost to Paint Ceilings In Your Home

On August 23, 2019

When freshening up a home, many people focus on the kitchen, bathroom ceiling, basement ceiling or bedroom, but what about your ceilings and what is the cost to paint ceilings? If everything looks inviting and new, but your ceilings are outdated and stained then it’s definitely time to repaint them. Ceilings can sometimes go unnoticed, but are important part of the aesthetic appeal of your home and should be taken care of as well. When you’re ready to paint your ceiling you’ll need to find reliable North Richland Hills painters, Keller painters, Colleyville painting services or Southlake painters to get the job done right.

Ceiling Painting Price

If you have kept up with the maintenance in your home and your ceilings are in good condition then the average price to paint a ceiling is $150 to 350 per room. This cost can vary based on square footage of the room, best ceiling paint quality and ceiling height. Higher quality paints will typically cost from ten to fifteen percent more than average grade paints. The average ceiling height is 8ft high, but if your home has higher ceilings then the cost can be increased up to 10% of each additional foot of height. Vaulted and cathedral ceilings can cost up to 50% more as they are considerably more challenging to paint and take twice as long to paint. Skylight trim alone can cost $100 for just one skylight. Knowing some of the factors that increase the cost to paint ceilings will help you prepare before you obtain a bid for your project.

Ceiling Repairs

More often than not there will be some issues that need to be remediated before you can repaint your ceiling. Water stains, cracks and peeling need to be addressed before your ceilings can be repainted. Cosmetic crack repairs can vary based on the number of cracks and their size, but expect to pay about $250 to 400. Superficial water stains can be remediated with Kilz or a blocking primer, but more significant water damage can be a substantial expense to repair.

Other Ceiling Expenses

If you need to remove a popcorn ceiling from an old, outdated home it can run $2 to $4 per sq ft. Popcorn ceiling paint are usually pervasive throughout the house so you’ll need to remove it in every room which can cost about $1,500. That seems like a lot, but your guests will welcome you back from the70s. While less common, a decorative textured ceiling can become a unique feature for your home. There are different techniques used to create these designs, but the typical price is $0.50 to 2 per sq ft. of texture. This type of decorative ceiling décor should be used in large, brightly lit rooms to where it can be easily noticed and accentuates the room.

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