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Get Your House Market Ready With Fresh Paint

If you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, you will need to do everything possible to get the best price. That doesn’t mean spending a large amount of money doing home renovations to improve your home value. Small cosmetic improvements can make a large impact when increasing the value of your house. Luckily, some of these small improvements can be done by the homeowner too (although some things, like anything involving electricals, should be done by professionals. With the correct tools and equipment, homeowners can easily make these changes themselves. If they don’t already have the essential equipment, it might be worth finding the supplies at Home Depot, for example. They seem to stock most things, so they’ll probably have what you’re looking for. People can even get some discount codes too, click for info here. Hopefully, most jobs should be doable then, however, some jobs might need more expertise, such as painting. We are here to help you get your house market ready with fresh paint.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

The first thing any buyer sees is how your home looks on the outside. How your house looks from the street can entice potential buyers to explore or turn them off before they even get a chance to look inside. A neatly trimmed lawn, fresh coat of paint on the fence, staining the front porch or even painting the front door will all make a difference.

Exterior Painting

A faded, cracked exterior paint job will deter any potential buyer. Consider having the outside of your home repainted to make it look clean and well maintained. If you have an off color home, ask a realtor what types of colors buyers are looking for and take this opportunity to make a change to sell your home! Look at other homes in your neighborhood and try to pick a color that blends in yet has enough uniqueness to stand out.

Rejuvenate Your Kitchen

A full kitchen renovation can be extremely expensive with new appliances, tile backsplashes and granite countertops. Chances are you won’t recover all of the expenses you spent trying to transform the kitchen. The prudent choice is to hire interior painters and apply a new coat of paint that works well with your existing décor. You will be amazed with how much a new interior painting application can make your kitchen look like new. The kitchen walls are an obvious choice, but don’t forget to refresh the cabinets with a new paint job. Experts say that repainting your kitchen can add up to 7% to your home’s value. In addition, if you are thinking that repainting your cabinets won’t work because you have wooden installations in your kitchen then you may be wrong, all you need is to use a different service to freshen up your cabinets. Hiring a refinishing company for things like wood cabinet refinishing is a great idea to get that clean and refreshed look that you want to achieve.

Enhance Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is another costly exercise. Rerouting plumbing, new sinks and showers add up quickly. However, for an affordable plumbing service, visiting web pages of Tom Moffett and similar companies could prove to be beneficial. For more information regarding the areas they serve, consider checking out https://www.moffettplumbing.com/areas-we-serve/plumber-westminster-ca/.

Worried about an old, tired bathroom? It can be revived with an interior paint job. A half bath is the perfect location for a more colorful or bold choice while the master bath or other bathrooms can use neutrals like taupe or soft grays to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Living Room Paint

Your living room is one of the primary focal points for new buyers. If your living room looks bland or uninteresting it can turn buyers off. Consider using accent walls to make your living room look amazing. The majority of the wall should be neutral, but adding a muted blue or light green can really turn this room into a showcase and a highlight of a property tour.

Contact a Fort Worth Area Painting Company to Get your House Market Ready with Fresh Paint

Selling your home is an exciting and potentially stressful event. Make your house look great without spending a lot of money by repainting the interior and exterior. Don’t leave the job to chance, hire a professional who will get the job done right the first time. If you live in the Fort Worth, Arlington, North Richland Hills, Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Hurst, Euless, Bedford or Irving areas and are interested in repainting your house, contact us today! Schedule a free estimate and learn more about our painting services.


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