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Painting With Eco-Friendly Green Products

Low VOC/ Green products have become increasingly popular in the painting industry, as they are “green” for the environment, and typically outperform high VOC paints. VOC standing for volatile organic compounds; unstable carbon compounds that vaporize into the air we breathe. By lowering VOC, not only will it be beneficial safety wise but provide durable, long lasting wear. At Advanced Painting Service, we strive to use only top quality, low VOC paints on every painting job possible to ensure the quality and safety for our customers for a long lasting interior paint job.
Low VOC paints are beneficial not only to the safety of your home or business but to the environment as well with Eco-Friendly Green Products.

Advanced Painting Service cares about the environment and our customers comfort, we utilize only low & zero VOC paint on all commercial & residential interior painting projects and exterior painting projects as well, call today for your free quote of Painting With Eco-Friendly Green Products.

By lowering the release of these unsafe carbon compounds while the paint dries, it is better for both the consumer and the environment as working with high VOC products can be detrimental to the human body upon inhalation. At Advanced Painting Service, the satisfaction and safety is our top priority and we will always suggest the “greener” and safer options when it comes to the materials we use for any job.

We Use Only Green Products/Low VOC and Zero VOC Paints!

The use of high VOC paint is also detrimental to the environment; being the second largest factor of VOC output into our atmosphere.
Lower VOC paints usually being water based not only offers the utmost safety for the consumers, but a better, longer lasting performance than their solvent based counterparts. Low VOC paints offer great coverage and exquisite paint longevity to last for years and keep your home or business looking greater longer without the risk of safety and harmful on the effects on our environment.


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