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How to Choose Interior Paint Colors for Your Commercial Space

On June 2, 2019

What atmosphere do you want to create inside your commercial space and how to choose interior paint colors for your commercial space? A soothing ambiance that makes your customers and guests feel relaxed and at ease, an industrial vibe that makes your employees get straight to work, or a playful air where creativity and learning can flourish?

The paint color you chose has a significant impact on the feel of a space. As experienced commercial painters, we’re sharing our expert insights on choosing interior paint colors for your business.

6 Insights From a Commercial Painter to Help You Identify the Perfect Commercial Interior Paint Colors.

Below you’ll see a mix of considerations and tips we recommend when choosing a paint color that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

  1. Consider your flooring and overall décor. Identify shades that pair well with your furniture and flooring to reduce the need for a complete interior design overhaul.
  2. Decide if you need to have a low maintenance paint that requires little upkeep. Darker tones in a satin finish are more forgiving of scuffs and fingerprints. High-gloss and lighter paints are more reflective and tend to emphasize flaws.
  3. Match your interior paint colors with your branding. Use paints that mesh with your logo.
  4. Identify complimentary colors if using more than one. Look at a color wheel and use two colors on opposite ends of the wheel. Pick relevant tints of those two colors – one as an accent, the other as your primary wall color.
  5. Use psychology to your advantage. The interior paint colors of your commercial space affects your workers’ and your customers’ moods. Choose your color(s) based on the action you want to elicit. For example, red is known to trigger action, so it would be suitable for a sales office.
  6. Don’t forget about white paint. A neutral coat of white paint can make your office, lobby, or meeting room look crisp and clean. Keep in mind that it will require maintenance to remain fresh.

When it comes to the finish, it doesn’t matter as much as it did in years past. The majority of paint companies now offer washable and stain-resistant paints in finishes from matte to high-gloss.

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