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Lead Safe Painting

Exposure to paints that contain lead are an important factor in providing the safest experience for our customers and employees. Homes built before 1978 become more prominent in their interior paints containing lead. The older the home, the higher chance the paint of the interior being lead-based. At Advanced Painting Service, we are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct lead safe painting services.
Being exposed to lead-based paint during home renovating and can be detrimental to the human body. Exposure can cause major damage to your bodies systems. In children, lead poisoning can cause adverse effects on the nervous system and result in behavioral and developmental complications that can last the rest of their lives. In adults however, especially pregnant women, lead exposure can lead to damaging effects on the reproductive system as well as birth defects in an unborn child.

Advanced Painting Service will always put safety first and Lead Safe painting practices are a small part of our overall safety program, contact us today for interior painting & exterior painting in the Fort Worth Dallas area.

As lead exposure is caused by inhalation or consumption of lead dust during home renovation and repair to interior paint, as your contractor, your safety is our number one priority. Having a certification in lead safe painting service endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency allows us to paint interiors of homes and buildings in the safest way possible to ensure the safety of our customers from lead-based paints.

We Provide Lead Safe Painting Services!

Knowing the guidelines for lead safe interior painting set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, constitutes our lead safe interior painting practices as we provide not only a lead safe interior painting experience but a paint job to endure years of wear and retain its qualities. Here at Advanced Painting Service, our crew can paint in child-occupied facilities such as schools, day cares, and even domestic homes; as well as industrial buildings, and offices, in the safest and quality manner.


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