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Best Painting Contractor in Irving, TX

 Over 30 Years In Business!

Best Painting Contractor in Irving, TX

Refuse to compromise on quality results; call Advanced Painting Service today for the best painting contractor in Irving, TX.

Advanced Painting Service commits to delivering top-notch results as the best painting contractor in Irving, TX. We strive for complete customer satisfaction on every project, not only with the results of a fresh look but with the process involved for your home or business. Contact Advanced Painting Services skilled professionals if you want to take the stress out of revitalizing your property with a durable coat of paint.

The team provides professional interior and exterior painting services in Irving, TX, and surrounding areas. Residential and commercial property owners rely on us for focused attention on any painting or concrete coatings project that promises flawless surface upgrades wherever we go.



Exceptional Residential Painting From The Best Painting Contractor in Irving, TX

The Advanced Painting Service team will help you make your house into a home with custom paintwork that transforms interior or exterior walls, ceilings, roofs, and other surfaces. One of our favorite projects is creating personalized spaces for homeowners through stunning paint colors and effects. Whether your house is new or has been in the family for years, our Irving professionals can transform it into a more comfortable space.

Define your home’s style with unique service from the best painting contractor in Irving, TX. Advanced Painting Service has seen how a simple coat of paint helps homeowners fall back in love with their property, and the right paint choice:

  • Sets the ambiance in the room
  • Adds a pop of color 
  • Gives an older home a new lease on life

Paint is a powerful catalyst for change, and our professionally painted homes bring years of joy. It can revitalize a space, define a room, and provide the perfect backdrop for décor choices. A freshly painted home also feels better, looks better, and enjoys protection from wear and tear.

Advanced Painting Service offers interior and exterior painting services in Texas. Watch our team take care of the details as we transform your residential property. We work neatly, clean up after the project, and ensure the beautiful finishes that every home deserves.


Interior Painting Services for Your Home

If you need a comprehensive range of interior house painting services, Advanced Painting Service covers walls, ceiling, trim, doors, cabinets, architectural features, and more. We paint from ceiling to floor with precision and care, ensuring proper protection for every inch of your property. Our team is always respectful of your home, and our painting professionals never take shortcuts.  

Comprehensive painting and coating services from our experienced painters mean that you enjoy a professional finish at affordable rates. The Advanced Painting Service team is courteous and highly-skilled, finishing the paint job fast and upholding the highest quality standards for long-lasting results. We also leave your home in pristine condition when we complete the project, and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Exterior Painting for Irving’s Residents

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for your home’s curb appeal, especially when you rely on us as the best painting contractors in Irving, TX. At Advanced Painting Service, we help our customers choose their favorite paint colors and walk them through the different finishes that are possible. A fresh coat also protects exterior surfaces from the elements for many years, providing you with further value on your investment.

If you want a pop of color to brighten up the neighborhood, exterior painting can give you an aesthetic you will love. Our Irving painters protect your property around the project area and clean up everything before we leave. Interior or exterior paint jobs receive our utmost attention to detail, and you can enjoy peace of mind that we will always give you our best work.

Commercial Painting from the Best Painting Contractors in Irving, TX

Advanced Painting Service also specializes in commercial painting. Local businesses and commercial property owners rely on us for custom commercial painting, and our service handles unique paint requirements with the utmost professionalism. 

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Paint is essential for decorative purposes, but that is not all it can achieve for your local Texas business. A fresh coat of paint will improve your Irving property’s appearance while sending visitors the message that you run a well-maintained company that cares about the details. The added benefit is that it evokes customer confidence in your brand and builds trust.

If you want top-notch results, work with us as the best painting contractor in Irving, TX, for:

  • Attractive commercial painting jobs that bring in the right customers
  • Retaining property values and boosting your brand’s appeal
  • Sending the right message about your business to the local community

If you need a professional paint team with the experience and the skill to offer fast and effective painting, contact Advanced Painting Service. We understand that commercial premises need to get back to work, so we move quickly and deliver results on time. 

Contact us today for more about what our residential and commercial painting services can do for you.


Are You Considering Concrete Coatings? Call Advanced Painting Service

Being the best painting contractors in Irving, TX, means offering complete painting services. Advanced Painting Service is proud to include a few other services in the area, including professional concrete coating services. Our concrete coatings add distinction to interior and exterior surfaces at home or any commercial property.

High-quality concrete coatings also protect your concrete surfaces for durability indoors and outdoors. It offers a shield against staining, chipping, and cracking, which also keeps the area looking neat and well-maintained for many years. Advanced Painting Service provides concrete coatings that are also beautiful, with that special touch of design excellence from our experienced painters on: 

  • Patios, decks, walkways
  • Garage floors and interior flooring
  • Commercial properties and more

Concrete coatings are an easy and effective way to finish off a great look for any surface, especially in high-traffic areas. If you want exceptional value, call Advanced Painting Service today.

Other than Irving, TX, Advance Paintings offers services in the following areas;

Advanced Painting Service offers paintwork and concrete coatings from the best painting contractor in Irving, TX, and the surrounding communities. Contact us at (817) 996-7804 today for a free no-obligation estimate for your next painting or concrete coating project.


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What should I look for when hiring a commercial painting contractor?

Three things to look for when hiring a commercial painting contractor. 

1) Commercial painting service should be able to provide you with a list of references and testimonials before hiring them for the job. Commercial painting services can’t afford to do shoddy work so if they don’t have any recommendations on their website, then keep looking.

2) Commercial painting service will most likely ask you for a deposit, which is usually a third of the agreed amount. Commercial painting services are highly unlikely to disappear if they’ve already asked for money up front.

3) Commercial painting service has insurance in case something were to happen whilst they’re working on your premises. Commercial painting services don’t want to get sued when their careless mistakes cause damage to your property

What kind of commercial paint do you use?

We use the only professional quality paints from Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore, Benjamin Moore and Dunn Edwards, unless the customer requests a different brand.

How long will my commercial exterior painting job last?

No matter what type of Commercial exterior painting project you are completing, it is important that your paint job provides the quality and service that will last for years to come. Commercial buildings are subject to different types of exposure than residential properties, which means that commercial paint jobs need special attention in order to make sure they meet the standards set by painting professionals.

Can you help in choosing the best color for our commercial painting project?

Certainly. We can help you make design choices and give you advice on color selection. Our company has painted commercial buildings for thousands of different clients with unique tastes. Whether you’ve already got everything planned out from start to finish or want input from a professional, we can help. 

Are estimates really free?

Yes, every estimate is 100% free with no obligation on your part. You will receive an accurate and reliable estimate so that you know how much you can expect to pay for your project.

How do you do commercial painting?

If you’re looking for an expert Commercial Painting Service to paint your school, church, business, or even your home, we are the Commercial Painting Service that you’re looking for. We do Commercial Painting Services for many different types of Commercial Buildings. You can expect Commercial Painting Services like Commercial Exterior Commercial Painting, Commercial Interior Commercial Painting, and Even Commercial Pressure Washing.


How often should a commercial building be painted?

Commercial buildings need to be painted from time to time in order to maintain their appearance and curb appeal. Commercial building owners should consider the following when planning for a commercial painting project:

Painting commercial structures is not only important for aesthetics, but it serves an important purpose of protecting exterior surfaces. Commercial paint provides protection against harmful UV rays, chemical oxidation, and weathering, which can cause paint to peel. Commercial buildings that are unpainted may require more frequent repainting as the lack of paint will allow the elements to damage surfaces at a much faster rate.

Why should I paint my commercial space?

A commercial business space is often the first thing that people notice about your business. Commercial buildings are exposed to wear and tear because they are open daily, this could affect the type of paint used as well as its color. Commercial painting also allows you to improve the overall appearance of your shop, making it more inviting to customers. Commercial painting is important for any business because it helps in attracting the preferred clientele. Commercial painting improves the value of your property and can help in increasing rent rates, if you are leasing a commercial space this is something that could be very beneficial, especially if you are in a competitive market.

What else should I know about commercial painting?

You deserve a company that is willing to work with your company to the best of their ability. Get a consultation/estimation and feel them out. Make sure they are communicative and on the same page as you so that you don’t end up feeling unsatisfied with the job. If you aren’t confident with the company, don’t hire them because your commercial property should come first to them and you. Also don’t just go with the lowest bid because that is likely an indication that something is not being done right. Do your research and make sure you’re hiring a reputable company that is going to give you a quality, well-timed and executed commercial paint job. 

How do I know when it is time to repaint my home?

As a homeowner, it is important to monitor your home painting over time. When you notice that the paint is beginning to weather and fade badly–especially if there are bare spots resulting from peeling or cracking of the surface–it may be time for another coat. If you live in an area where winters are harsh, this will happen more quickly than it would for someone who lives in a temperate climate.

Residential painting professionals recommend that you keep an eye on your exterior paint during your annual inspection. If it is beginning to crack or peel, this is the best time to repaint it. Most professional painters recommend that you repaint every two years; however, if outdoor humidity or precipitation is an issue for your home, you may want to repaint more often.

What happens if my exterior paint of my residential property is peeling and cracking?

There are a number of reasons for this to happen, and most of them come down to the fact that either the siding material itself isn’t able to properly expand and contract with weather changes (if it’s wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc.), there is a build-up of dirt and/or algae on the surface (if it’s siding), or that the paint used has an incompatibility with the rest of its components.


Once we know why the paint is peeling or cracking, then we can look at what our options are. We will remove the peeling paint by pressure washing it off (if it’s wood or vinyl), and/or scraping it off (if it’s aluminum).

Should I do the prep work myself before the painter comes to my home?

No it is not necessary, When your painter estimates your home, he will factor all of the painting prep work needed . Unless you have experience in the field, it is best left to the professional painter you have hired. The prep work does change your bid somewhat , but the cost you save yourself, from having to repair or replace a second time, is well worth it.

When is it too cold to paint my residential exterior?

t is not recommended to paint below 40-45 degrees. There are special paints available for colder weather painting if painting must be done in colder temperatures. You should consult a professional painter to evaluate your home’s  painted exterior.

How many coats of paint do I need when painting my home?

Usually one coat of paint is sufficient. Applying several coats of paint  is not necessary, as paint layers do build up and over applying can cause cracking and peeling. Color changing is usually why you would need 2 coats of paint, changing to a light or darker color needs more coats for coverage only. 

Do I need to be home for a painting estimate?

If you would like, you can be present when the painting company comes to take an estimate. This will give you time to ask questions, and get to know the estimator. However, it is not required that you are home for this process. In fact, if your work or family schedules make it difficult or impossible for you to be home, most painting companies will come back at your convenience.

What Happens During an Estimate?

A professional estimator will determine the scope of work involved, which will include the size of the project, type of paint needed and number of coats. The estimator will convey this information to you to ensure you both have the same expectations before work begins.

What else should I know about Residential painting?

You deserve a company that is willing to work with your company to the best of their ability. Get a consultation/estimation and feel them out. Make sure they are communicative and on the same page as you so that you don’t end up feeling unsatisfied with the job. If you aren’t confident with the company, don’t hire them because your residential property should come first to them and you. Also don’t just go with the lowest bid because that is likely an indication that something is not being done right. Do your research and make sure you’re hiring a reputable company that is going to give you a quality, well-timed and executed residential paint job.

What can I do to prepare for my home painting project before my painter arrives?

Remove any family treasurers or breakable items, wall hangings, TV sets etc.  entirely from the room. Pet owners should sweep or vacuum up loose pet hair and wipe away pet stains (with water only on a damp rag) from the baseboards and carpet.