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What Are the Best Days to Paint a House?

On February 27, 2022

Is the exterior of your home starting to look cracked and dreary? Maybe you’re sick of the wall colors on either the interior or the exterior? It’s time to get a new paint job. 

However, you can’t paint at any time of the year. House painting, particularly when it comes to the exterior of your home, must occur only during certain times of the year both for the sake of those painting the house and the materials themselves. 

Keep reading to learn more about when the best time to paint is and what errors to avoid when starting a fresh paint job. 

When Is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of My Home?

Seasons that are cold or extremely humid are the worst times to paint the exterior of your home. Any time of year when the temperature may dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit is a bad time to paint. 

Due to recent climate change, sometimes you may experience an abnormally warm day during a traditionally cold season. Do not paint, even if the temperature is above/forecasted above 50 degrees. If the temperature drops suddenly, you’ll be left with a half-painted house. 

Humidity can also cause exterior paint to dry slowly. Normally, it would take an hour for a layer of paint to dry outside, but humid air can drastically extend that period. That means you won’t have time to get enough coats of paint on the house. 

Three Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Painting the Exterior

If you’re looking for a high-quality paint job, you should contact a professional contractor. Though we list the top three mistakes homeowners make when painting their house below, experienced contractors know when is truly best to paint. 

Don’t Paint When or After It Rains

Though the Dallas, TX area does not receive as much rain as other parts of the US, precipitation is quite common during parts of the fall, winter, and spring. That means that in May when it rains the most in our part of Texas, you should not paint the exterior of the house. 

Not only does rain add to exterior humidity, but it also means that the outer surface of your house will remain wet for a few days. A wet surface prevents the paint from sticking, meaning your paint job will look patchy and unattractive. 

Only Paint During Warm Seasons

Summer is the best time of year to paint, though painting during days over 90 degrees is not recommendable. Extreme heat can also cause paint to dry incorrectly, as it can crack from harsh temperatures. 

So why does a low temperature matter? When it’s less than 50 degrees, paint doesn’t adhere to the surface of the house as well as normal. This can lead to paint rolling off the house instead of sticking. 

Keep exterior painting to times of the year when the temperature is ideal. Contractors never paint when the temperature is too high or too low due to the risk of a bad paint job. 

Make Sure Your Products Are High-Quality

Due to the amount of prep work involved in a hand painting job performed by an expert, professional exterior paint should last around 15 years. A DIY paint job generally lasts around five years.

Contractors are experts in house painting, from suggesting the perfect paint color for your property to using paint sprayers to professionally apply the paint. Professional painters are also committed to excellence in their work, meaning they will spot every tiny error. 

Experts only use top-notch products to prime, paint, and coat exterior paint jobs. They know the perfect combination to ensure that their work is long-lasting and restore your home to its previous glory. 

When Should I Paint My Home’s Interior?

Since your home is temperature-controlled, the time of year to perform an interior house painting job doesn’t matter! Just make sure that you aren’t hosting any big events or moving furniture around the time of painting, as it could damage the surface. 

Quick and Reliable Painting Services in Fort Worth, TX

Making a paint job look beautiful is difficult. Leave it to Advanced Painting LLC to handle it for you. Our contractors only use the highest-quality products, such as the most durable oil or acrylic-based paint. 

We also offer a 10-year exterior painting and lifetime interior painting warranty with our services. Our specialized painting and customer service process ensures that quality is never sacrificed. If you need high-quality house painting service in Richland Hills, TX, call us at (817) 996-7804 today.


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