Dry Erase Paint | Everything You Need to Know

Dry Erase Paint Uses

You might ask, why would I want to use dry erase paint in my home or business? A wall with dry erase paint provides an engaging and collaborative place for work. Outside of obvious places like home offices or conference rooms, dry erase boards can be added to hallways, kitchens, living rooms or any place you want to exchange big ideas or even just to make a grocery list. Dry erase paint can be applied to drywall, metal, wood and wallpaper. Dry erase boards are fun, cost effective and a great addition to any room.

Dry Erase Paint Benefits

Having your own dry erase board is a conversation starter and is sure to catch the attention of any guest. Using dry-erase paint instead of buying a whiteboard has many benefits including:

  1. Provides a better writing experience than whiteboards or glass boards
  2. Offers design flexibility with unlimited size
  3. Lasts longer than other types of writing surfaces
  4. Less expensive than whiteboards or glass boards

Dry Erase Paint Types

There are numerous makers of dry erase paint, but two of the best are from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. The Benjamin Moore Notable® Dry Erase Paint is available in a traditional whiteboard or clear surface coating. Their paint doesn’t crack or peel and has a 10 year warranty. The Sherwin Williams Dry Erase Clear Gloss Coating paint is a clear, polyurethane gloss coating. This water based paint is low VOC and certified for low chemical emissions. These paints allow dry erase markers to be written on any surface and removed with a cloth or dry eraser.

Dry Erase Paint Application

Due to the nature of this type of application, it is best to hire professional house painters to ensure it is done properly. Since it is an area where you’ll be writing, it is important to have an extremely smooth surface. Also take time to think about any glare or reflection that you might experience with the new glossy dry erase board. You don’t want coworkers having to wear sunglasses indoors! The walls should be sanded to an even, flat surface. Next the area to be painted will be taped to mark off the borders. The painters will then apply the paint using rollers and brushes with multiple coats if needed, resulting in a smooth even finish. The dry erase paint should be dry in four to five days and then it is safe to write on.

Other Dry Erase Considerations

Dry erase boards are typically associated with glossy white. However with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams dry erase paints you can paint a gloss finish on top of any surface or color. Imagine having a dry erase finish on top of a tan, blue, pink or other color in your home. With dry erase paint the applications are only limited by your resourcefulness.

Another interesting feature that can be added to your dry erase board is a magnetic base. When this is applied beneath the dry erase paint you can attach magnets to your new dry erase board! No dry erase painting project would be complete without a place to store your markers and erasers. Add a wood or metal base at the bottom to hold your items or make it more decorative with trim or a frame around the entire board. Be sure to use the right type of dry erase markers, like Expo bold color markers and pick up some dry erase board cleaner and a micro fiber eraser to start with a clean surface every time.

Looking for Dry Erase Painting Companies In The Fort Worth Area?

If you’ve always wanted to be able to write your ideas down as they pop in your head, make a grocery list on the kitchen wall or just want to be able to doodle, then a dry erase board is for you. Whether you need dry erase painting done in your home or business, wall painting, ceiling painting, trim painting, house painting or commercial painting we can do it all. Our professional painters service the greater Fort Worth area including, North Richland Hills, Hurst, Colleyville, Southlake, Keller, Grapevine, Arlington, Saginaw, Lake Worth, Weatherford and Aledo.