Paint Your Building To Match Your Brand | Brand Ideas

Branding shouldn’t stop with your business cards, website, or company signage. The interior of your office space should flow with it too. Hire a commercial painter to work with you and match the interior of your building to your brand.

Now, matching doesn’t mean all of your walls must be the same color as your logo, but it should pair well. Painting the majority of your walls a neutral color and adding an accent wall is an excellent way to incorporate your company colors without overpowering the space. This is especially true for businesses with brightly colored logos.

Keep reading to discover why hiring a commercial painter to include your brand colors in your office or shop is a good idea. You’ll also learn some points to consider when choosing paint colors.

Two Reasons to Paint Your Interior Wall Colors to Match Your Branding

Coupling your wall color with your branding is a smart move. Here’s why:

It creates a sense of uniformity – When a repeat customer walks into your office you want them to recognize your brand from your website or marketing materials. And if it’s a new customer, it helps to make a first impression in alignment with your business. You can also look at having branded custom clothing from companies like Imprint made up, so everyone is matching and a sense of professionalism is felt in the establishment, from the walls to the staff.
It portrays your brand’s mission – Various studies have shown a correlation between colors and emotion, performances, and purchases. Think about the brand’s mission or message and choose colors that elicit similar feelings.
Each color is associated with an emotion. The paint colors you select for your commercial space will be dependent upon your industry. Take a look at how colors relate to emotions and psychology.

  • Blue – Calm and serene
  • Yellow – Energetic
  • Red – Dramatic and stimulating
  • Green – Healthy
  • Pink – Kindness
  • Purple – Inspiring and calming
  • Orange – Enthusiasm
  • White – Purity and modernity
  • Black – Sophistication and mystery
  • Brown – Strength and reliability

If your business is a spa, you likely want to portray a sense of calm. Blue is a good option as a shade associated with tranquility and peace. But if you’re running a school or daycare, yellow – which is linked to optimism and vibrancy – is a possibility. Of course, we recommend choosing a color that complements your branding.

Hire a Professional for Your Commercial Interior & Exterior Painting for Branding
Invest in painting your office to convey your image better. An experienced commercial painter will be able to help you pick the best color for your space. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your commercial interior painting project.